Design, innovation, objects & ideas.
Design, innovation, objects & ideas.


The premium destination for organic produce

Photography by Max Kruse

Street poster campaign for Greek Easter.

Smallgoods campaign directed & produced by Tekni

Photography campaign at the Prahran Markets

Lune Croissants collaboration

Photography campaign at Victoria Market


Family Christmas campaign shot on 35mm film


The premium destination for organic produce

Hagen's has been at the forefront of bringing Melbourne the finest local, ethical, and organic produce since the 90s, cementing their reputation as a paragon of sustainability and quality within the food industry.

As Hagen's embarked on a new phase of eCommerce in 2020, they looked to Tekni for innovative creative and digital solutions that would position them for success. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the sudden influx of businesses moving online, Hagen's growth remained as organic and sustainable as their own product offerings, a testament to their meticulous preparation and Tekni's expertise.

Our partnership with Hagen's was built on a shared commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction; and with our guidance, Hagen's was able to seamlessly transition to the world of digital, reaching new heights of success and expanding their reach beyond their local market outposts.




  • Brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Stills & motion
  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design



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