Design, innovation, objects & ideas.
Design, innovation, objects & ideas.

Stephen Akehurst & Associates

Time-honored architecture

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Portfolio publication design. Printed by Bambra.


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Individual project booklets. Printed by Bambra.

Stephen Akehurst & Associates

Time-honored architecture

In an era when seemingly nothing but gaudiness prevails, a house by Stephen Akehurst & Associates is a refreshing reminder of what can be achieved when skilled hands are guided by sharpened eyes. The practice prides itself on incorporating time-honored building methods that have become increasingly rare in contemporary architecture, while still remaining remarkably adaptable to the demands of twenty-first century lifestyles. In early 2023, the directors commissioned Tekni to reimagine their brand identity, creating a visual language that represents their timeless aesthetic, consideration and quality of work.


Stephen Akehurst


  • Brand identity
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Publication design 
  • Print production



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