Design, innovation, objects & ideas.
Design, innovation, objects & ideas.


Making paint fun

Max Kruse, Creative Director of Tekni art directs and photographs Esther. This campaign was featured across a number of billboards in Australia.

Timelapse showcasing Tint’s unique swatch stickers.

Tekni photographed a range of paint blobs which were used to showcase Tint’s colour library online.

Tint x Adore Beauty collaboration


Making paint fun

Tint is Australia’s first online direct-to-consumer colour and paint company that is revolutionizing the home improvement industry. They began with the Palette Pico, which is “the world’s first smart paint matching device which lets you just walk up to a color to record it” and turned that into an online paint experience.

Their whole focus was to take away from the traditional, (and more often than not) intimidating and unhelpful experience of buying paint in stores. It’s a challenge to know what type of paint, how much paint, what colour of paint to best express yourself in your home, but that’s exactly what Tint set out to do and embody. This then unlocked a whole new audience in the DIY space and found a whole new market for an industry centuries old.

Tekni has been working with Tint since the very start, even before they were Tint, riding the epic highs and lows during pandemic and post-pandemic turbulence.




  • Brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Art direction
  • Stills
  • Graphic design 
  • Social media marketing
  • Meta advertising



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